Difference between a Mortgage Bankers vs a Mortgage Broker

mortgage broker

A mortgage broker works to help you get a home loan. Other than the mortgage broker, a mortgage banker works for a bank or a similar lending institution that offers home loan money.  The main difference between a mortgage broker and mortgage banker is that brokerdoes not work for one institution but works with several providers for a loan for a particular individual. In the bank leading is direct, and a broker is a middle man between the prospect homeowners and the lender.

The mortgage jobs seemsimilar, and they’re both listed as “loan officers” with comparable functions and pay.

Why choose bankers for your mortgage?

The banker works in the loan department of a bank or another financial institution, such as saving and loan association or credit union. The mortgage banker works with realtors and home loan applicants to process the home loan.

Evaluation the property on the market as well as gathering financial information while placing all the pieces together counts as their responsibilities.

It’s also their duty to advise home borrowers of the various loan options available to their institutions.

Choosing a broker shops

The mortgage broker first does an analysis with realtors and the borrower to determine what the market is offering and what the buyer can afford. Then the broker shops around among various lenders for a loan bundle that best fits the buyer’s specification and the situation.

Mortgage broker have no ties to any leader institution and free to work with any lender. The broker can compare what the banks and credit union offering to advise the buyer appropriately.

Banker salaries

A mortgage banker is a full employee of an institution, a salary, but some system to boost their loan sales offers incentives and bonuses for performance.  When working with a bank, they must ensure the loans are fully secured, and the home buyer is totally qualified and capable of making loan payments.

The banker can only sell loan for one institution.

Broker get commission

The mortgage broker connects the home buyer with more than one lender, working to get the borrower the best deals possible, regardless of who the lender is. After a successive loan process, he gets a sort of commission, a difference between what the borrowers get and what the leading institution rate.

Still, some home brokers work on a flat fee, a percentage value of theloan.

Lastly, working with a mortgage broker and banker seems the same, but each has pros and cons to the borrowers. Professional organisation explaining the difference; the national association of home agent’s notes that a mortgage broker is- an independent real estate personnel who only specialises in the origination of mortgages.  Considering a mortgage banker, explained by Mortgage Banker Association is an employee of a firm, corporation or bank that originates, sells as well as services loans secured mortgages.

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